Reflections Over Coffee -TRAILER

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When a precocious child confronts a woman in a coffee shop, their intriguing conversation is interrupted by on older woman’s opinions of derision and criticism. An emotional climax builds as the child and younger woman grapple with feelings of longing and regret to comprehend the unearthly tie that binds them. Ultimately, the audience is confronted by the question of abortion and difficult choices. Without taking sides, the film asks viewers to honestly have their own conversations. Starring Laura Starkey, Zada Lile and Celine R. LopezWritten, produced and directed by Melissa L. Ash, Ashleith Films LLCDir. of Photography and editor, Andrew NeighbourFilmed in Santa Fe, NM.Filmed on Canon C100 Mk II; Canon EF 18-135mm lens; Sennheiser boom mic, Ninja Blade and Zoom H6 recording.

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