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When I was a kid growing up in rural England, I spent hours turning over stones to see bugs, staring into trees to spot all kinds of birds, and rambling over the Sussex Downs in search of badgers, foxes, and rabbits. My original undergraduate college study was in zoology followed by a long career in life sciences research. It was inevitable, therefore, that I would turn my camera onto whatever wildlife I could find. I particularly enjoy sharing with others unique shots of animals and their behaviors that they may have never seen before themselves. 

Whether elephant seals on the beach in San Simeon, CA; American kestrels mating in New Mexico; sea otters breaking open clams in Monterey; or pronghorns rutting in grasslands near Santa Fe—each reveals the diversity of form and behavior within the animal kingdom. Most of these images were taken within a stones throw of our daily lives—I hope they will encourage you to examine your environment to capture these wondrous moments for yourself.

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