Videography Services

I am available for video shoots to meet a variety of needs.

My equipment includes:

  • Canon XF705 Pro Camcorder - 4K 10 bit 4.2.2
  • Canon EOS Cinema C100 mkII professional video camera - 2K 8 bit
  • Ninja V external recorder and monitor
  • Iphone7 4K camera
  • Canon zoom and prime lenses
  • Ananmorphic lenses for iPhone
  • Slider
  • Osmo Mobile iPhone gimbal
  • Beastgrip Adapter for Canon lens attachment to iPhone
  • Tripods and shoulder rig
  • External sound recorder, shotgun and lavalier mics
  • LED lighting kit
  • Green-screen, reflectors, etc.

I am particularly interested in documentary and narative short films.  Willing to create promotional videos for small businesses, creative professionals, realtors, and non-profits.

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